Nederlandse Herauten trompettisten

Nederlandse Herauten trompet/tisten
!! Het meest veelzijdige Herauten-trompetduo van Nederland !!
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The Dutch Herauten trumpet duo
Herauten trumpeter Gerard & Leon for receiving your guests and / or event.
Gerard & Leon are professional Trumpeters who have earned their spurs in music, and both have a classical degree at the conservatory.
Get the feeling of knighthood and enjoy the beautiful sounds From: The Dutch Heralds trumpet duo
In Stylish herald's costumes this duo can provide both Short Performances and extended performances.
This duo is often requested at openings of large parties / and in castles with a lot of trumpet sounds.
New: 1. Herauten Trumpeter and 1. Herauten troubadour Guitarist / singer for weddings and / or reception of your guests and / or event.
New: Heraut with announcements.
It is now also possible to book large occupations.
The following options:
May 1 to hire 1 trumpet player.
Flower parade
Parties & parties
Historical festivals
Christmas markets
Medieval festivals
Reception of your guests
Award ceremonies
Het Nederlandse Herauten Trompet Duo

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